QCISD and G92

 Hello all,
 I am trying to run some geometry optimizations at the QCISD level using
 G92, but am running into troubles; the QCISD iteration counter isn't reset
 between each of the QCISD calculations (which presumably are calculating
 the analytic gradient), and I run out of iterations before the calculation
 is done.  This iteration counter is not the one that counts geometries,
 but rather the steps in evaluating the QCISD energy.  Is there a way to
 increase the maximum number of iterations in the QCISD evaluation?  I tried
 to get around the problem by using QCISD=(conv=6), but g92 declared that
 to be a syntax error.
 My job deck looks like:
 #QCISD 6-31G* opt=(ts,grad,calchffc)
 NH-O (3A) transition state QCISD geometry opt.
 O, 1, 1.0
 H, 2, OH, 1, 90.0
 N, 2, NO, 1, 90.0, 3, 0.0
 Thanks in advance,
 Joe Durant