Carbohydrate structures

 I recall that a week or so ago there was a question regarding databases
 of carbohydrate structure.  I finally got around to digging up some info.
 There are quite a few simple carbohydrate structures in the Cambridge
 Structural Database.  If you're interested in a complicated carbohydrate,
 the Complex Carbohydrate Structural Database may have it.  In the info I
 received from them in 1989, they had 2,000 entries and were hoping to have
 4,000 by the end of 1991.  They could be contacted at:
 Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
 University of Georgia
 220 Riverbend Road
 Athens, GA  30602
 phone: (404) 542-4401
 fax:   (404) 542-4412
 email: CarbBank' at \`UGA.bitnet
 Cindy Fisher
 Department of Molecular Biology--MB4
 The Scripps Research Institute
 10666 North Torrey Pines Road
 La Jolla, CA  92037
 E-mail to: fisher' at \`