Re: Random Distribution of Points on a Sphere

 In response to Dongchul's question,
 > Hi fellow chemists,
 > This may fit better in, but someone in this group
 > may have experienced it already. So here it goes.
 > I want to generate points on the surface of a sphere as randomly
 > as possible. These points may be used for drawing van der Waals
 > surface of an atom. I tried with symmetrically distributed points
 > (generated by varying phi and theta, etc), but due to symmetry,
 > the points looked like marching ants at certain angles.
 > Since many of symmetrically distributed points are likely to be
 > overlapped when they are placed in 2-D screen, increasing the
 > density of VDW points would require unnecessarily large number
 > of sphere points. Random distribution of points would help
 > minimizing the number of points required and will give a better
 > appearance.
 > Any ideas?
 > -DCL
 > lim #*at*#
 Check Appendix G.4 of Allen and Tildesley's wonderful book
 "Computer Simulation of Liquids" (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1987)
 for an algorithm for uniformly sampling the surface of a sphere.
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