Sorry for doubled messages

 Dear Subscribers,
 Some of you (especially towards the end of the alphabet) receive double
 messages from the list. The problem is that our Electric Company
 (they are selling electric current and UPSes - Uninterruptable Power Supplies).
 For some time, when we complain about the power blinking (they just switch
 the power off for 0.1 second, usually once in two days or something),
 they give us an advice: "Buy yourself a UPS". The problem is, it is
 not cheap.
 When they went into a business of selling UPSes, (before, they were selling
 only electric power) the quality of power they supply is terrible. Of course,
 these things are unrelated... How could they be... It would be a crime...
 And you actually do not have to commit a crime, you need only a smart
 personel policy and budgetary planning to make it legal. The Electric Company
 is a monopoly. This is called a free market economy. We will probably buy the
 damned UPS, but for the time being, please have patience. When the machine
 boots, it resets mail-queue to the beginning (at power outage, the info
 on which message from the queue was already sent, is lost).
 To say something useful. Many people ask:
 Question: Can I read a file from the anonymous ftp before getting it?
 Answer: If you are on the UNIX system and want to read the file: file_name
 before you decide to get it, you can try:
 ftp> get file_name |more
 Note space between file_name and |    no space betwee | and more
 Of course, the file should be ASCII and you should be in ASCII mode.
 Jan Labanowski
 Ohio Supercomputer Center
 jkl' at \`