Dear Folks,
 I hope at least some of you are going to the Denver ACS meeting.
 At this meeting Prof. W. Clark Still will recieve the ACS Award
 for Computers and Chemistry sponsored by Digital Equipment,
 and Prof. Martin Karplus will receive the ACS Award for
 Theoretical Chemistry sponsored by IBM.
 Both honorees will receive their awards Tuesday Eve at 7:30 pm
 at the Hyatt. Tickets for this meeting event are $55.00 and
 should be purchased in advance as ACS Meeting Event #117.
 For those who wish to to attend only the free reception, it starts at
 6:30 pm at the Hyatt.
 ACS Computers in Chemistry Award Symposium Honoring Prof. W. Clark Still
 Tuesday Morning.
 8:25  --  Introductory Remarks. A. ROSSI, T. H. PIERCE
 8:30  --  20. Exploration of Designing Molecules Automatically. W. T. WIPKE,
 M. Pitman, R. Koehler, M. Kappler
 9:05  --  21. Recent Developments in Molecular Mechanics. N. L. ALLINGER
 9:40  --  22. Organic Reactions and Interactions in Solution. W. L. JORGENSEN
 10:15 --  23. Theoretical Modeling of Stereoselectivities of Diels-Alder
 Cycloadditions. K. N. HOUK
 10:50 --  24. The Growth of Computational Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical
 Industry. P. GUND
 11:15 --  25. Award Address-ACS Award for Computers in Chemistry sponsored by
 Digital Equipment Corporation. Molecular Modeling and Experimental Organic
 Sincerely,  Thomas Pierce, or rs0thp-0at0-rohvm1
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