Symposium announcement and

   Subject:  Symposium announcement and Call for_
                 Application of Computer Aided Molecular Design in
                      Chemicals, Materials and Pharmaceuticals
                           American Chemical Society Meeting
                                          San Diego, CA
                                     March 13-18, 1994
 Purpose:  To highlight recent applications of CAMD where modeling
                contributed to solving a chemical problem of commercial or
                academic interest.  Emphasis will be placed on design and
                development of new chemicals, materials or pharmaceuticals.
 Format:  The organizers particularly encourage presentations structured
               as case studies.  We also solicit papers which describe general
               approaches for applying computational chemistry to new
               product design.  Application areas of interest include, but are
               not limited to: materials, polymers, pharmaceuticals,
               agricultural chemicals and catalysis.
 Sponsor:  The Computers in Chemistry Division of the American Chemical
                Society.  The symposium will be part of the COMP division
                program at the Spring (March 13-18) 1994 meeting of the
                American Chemical Society in San Diego, CA.
 An ACS Symposium Series book is planned for publication in conjunction with
 the symposium.
 Submit a tentative title to one of the symposium organizers by September 30,
 1993 if you plan to contribute to the book.  Earlier submission is encouraged
 in order to allow timely publication.  Abstracts for presentations will be
 accepted until the regular divisional deadline of December 1, 1993.
 Organizers:  Chuck Reynolds			                 Kate Holloway
 		                Rohm and Haas Company         Bldg. 42-3
 		                727 Norristown Road		          Merck Research Laboratories
 		                Spring House, PA 19477         West Point, PA 19486
 		                Phone: (215) 283-2315		       Phone: (215) 652-7425
 		                FAX:  (215) 641-7857             FAX: (215) 652-6913
                     rs0chr' at \`		        kate_holloway' at