Annotated PDB Directory

 The most recent version of my annotated list of PDB files is now
 available for anonymous ftp from in the directory
 /pub/chemistry/pdbdoc as the file pdb_file_list.jan.93 (216426 bytes).
 This file contains condensed information about the available X-ray
 structures and their quality.
 The file seq_groups.jan.93 (56033 bytes) is also present in the same
 directory.  This file was obtained by running the BLAST program on
 the whole PDB database (including prerelease entries) to detect
 homologies between protein sequences.
 The details on the contents of the files and methodology are given
 at the beginning of each file.
 The files are available from anonymous ftp:
 ftp   (or ftp
 Login: anonymous
 Passwd: kekule
 ftp> cd /pub/chemistry/pdbdoc
 ftp> get pdb_file_list.jan.93
 ftp> seq_groups.jan.93
 ftp> quit
 Laura Walsh
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