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    Theoretical and Computational Approaches to Interface Phenomena
    August 2-4, 1993
                                           South Dakota State University
                                                  Amoco Chemical Company
    South Dakota State University and Amoco Chemical Company will host a
    three day conference on Theoretical and Computational Approaches to
    Interface Phenomena August 2-4 1993 at South Dakota State Univeristy
    in Brookings, South Dakota.  Speakers from academia and industry will
    discuss topics at the forefront of this field such as modeling
    catalysis, thin organic films, metals, and surfaces, surface
    diffusion, metal/electrolytic solution interfaces, and interactions
    with biological surfaces.  The presentations will relate new software
    methodologies and theoretical techniques, present comparisons between
    methods or parameterization schemes, and share computational strategies.
    The conference will provide ample time for participants to interact
    with the speakers and talk to third party software vendors.  A
    reception and registraton will be held Sunday evening, August 1
    between 7 and 10 pm at the Holiday Inn of Brookings.  Presentations
    will begin Monday morning August 2 at 8:30 am.  All participants are
    encouraged to present a paper during the poster session on the night
    of August 2.  Negotiations are currently underway for the publication
    of the conference proceedings as a hardback book.  Speakers will
    contribute a chapter to the conference book and participants presenting
    posters can contribute a research summary.  All presenters will be
    invited to contribute an abstract of their presentation for inclusion
    in a book of abstracts that will be distributed at the start of the
    conference.  The conference will adjourn at 4:30 pm on Wednesday August 4.
    The current list of confirmed speakers is:
         Max Berkowitz, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
         Jimmie Doll, Brown University
         Michael Klein, University of Pennsylvania
         Ezequiel Leiva, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina
         Michael N. Liebman, Amoco Technology Company
         Michael Philpott, IBM, San Jose
         Dennis Salahub, Universidad de Montreal, Canada
         Harrell Sellers, South Dakota State University
         Yitzhak Shnidman, Eastman-Kodak
         Evgeny Shustorovich, Eastman-Kodak
         Donald Truhlar, University of Minnesota
    Registration is required.  Sponsors for this conference are South
    Dakota State University, Amoco Chemical Company, Cray Research, Inc.,
    Eastman-Kodak, and IBM.
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    Registration Form
    To register to attend the conference and/or give an oral or poster
    presentation please complete this form.  Please type or print.  Give
    your name as you would like it to appear on your name badge.
    Dr.___  Mr.___ Ms.___  ______________________________________________
    Address:               ______________________________________________
    Telephone: ________________________     FAX: ________________________
    Electronic Mail Address: ____________________________________________
    I will __attend the conference __give an oral presentation __give a poster.
    Title of presentation: __________________________________________________
    Abstracts received after July 2, 1993 cannot be in the book of abstracts.
    Registration Fee: The conference registration fee is $40 for
    undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs; $175 for academic
    staff (faculty or scientific); $370 for industrial scientists.  This
    fee includes a reception the evening of August 1 at the Brookings
    Holiday Inn, a reception the evening of August 2 during the poster
    session, a conference banquet the evening of August 3, and the abstract
    booklet.  Please note: Reserving a hardbound copy of the conference
    book will require an additional fee that will depend on the total
    number of books reserved and the length of the book.  We anticipate
    that the hardbound conference book will cost about $50.
    I am __an undergradate student __a graduate student __a postdoc
         __a university faculty member __a scientific staff member
         __an industrial scientist and enclose a check
    made payable to South Dakota State University in the amount of $_______.
    Return completed registration forms and abstracts to either:
    Dr. Harrell Sellers            or    Dr. Joseph T. Golab
    Department of Chemistry              Amoco Chemical Company
    South Dakota State University        PO Box 3011 M/C C-6
    Brookings, SD 57007                  Naperville, IL 60566
    Tel:   (605) 688-6374                (708) 961-7878
    Fax:   (605) 688-5822                (708) 420-4678
    Email: hsellers[ AT ]        jtgolab[ AT ]
    Space is limited.  Please register before July 2, 1993.
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    Theoretical and Computational Approaches to Interface Phenomena
    Conference General Information
    August 2-4, 1993
    Hotel Information
    A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn of Brookings.
    The special conference rate is $46.00 single and $50.00 double to
    quad occupancy plus tax of 6%.  The phone number for the Holiday Inn
    of Brookings is (605) 692-9471.  A Best Western, which is across the
    highway from the Holiday Inn, is within easy walking distance.  The
    Best Western phone number is (605) 692-9421.  To assure availability
    and special rates rooms should be reserved by July 2, 1993.
    Travel Information
    The Brookings Airport has commercial airline commuter service from
    Minneapolis operated by the G P Express Airline Company,
    (605) 692-6818.  Flights directly into Brookings are easy to obtain,
    but they must connect through Minneapolis.  If this is not convenient,
    commercial air service to Sioux Falls, South Dakota is recommended.
    Conveyance Vans operates a shuttle service that runs between Sioux
    Falls and Brookings with 'door-to-door' service.  The shuttle service
    runs according to passengers' flight schedules.  Conveyance Vans can
    be reached at (605) 692-2236.  Cars can also be rented at the Sioux
    Falls airport.  Flying into Brookings via Minneapolis is usually more
    economical than flying into Sioux Falls and driving to Brookings by
    car if your point of origin is southeast of Brookings.
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