Simulated Annealing using Sander

 Dear Netters,
 I have been trying to set up a simulated annealing run with Amber4.0
 using the Sander module.  So far without success.  I am trying to heat
 the system to 2000 K then cool it in 50 K steps (of 1ps each) to 300 K.
 Then hold it at 300 K for a 50 ps MD run. I would be very greatful
 to anyone for a copy of a suitable input file.  There is a sample input in
 the Amber demo files, but it is too basic for my purposes.
 Thanks very much,
 Rob Woods
 Robert J. Woods, Ph.D.
 Glycobiology Institute
 Department of Biochemistry
 University of Oxford
 South Parks Road
 Oxford, OX1 3QU