change in the e-mail address of the DFT Symposium in Cracow

 Dear Netters,
 The e-mail addres of the International Symposium: "30 Years of the
 Density Functional Theory: Concepts and Applications" to be held in
 Cracow, Poland, in June 13-16, 1994 has changed to:
 Nalewajs "-at-"
 The address UCNALEWA "-at-" PLKRCY11.BITNET ceased to exist a couple of days
 ago because of liquidation of the Bitnet node in Cracow.
 We (the Organizing Committee) are very sorry for the inconvenience
 this could have caused.
 Janusz Mrozek
 Secretary of The Symposium
 Janusz Mrozek,
 Department of Theoretical Chemistry
 & Department of Computational Methods in Chemistry
 Faculty of Chemistry,
 Jagiellonian University
 3 R. Ingardena St.
 30-060 Cracow, Poland