Compiling Rasmol on an IBM RS6000 ?

 Dear Netters,
 We have downloaded RasMol2 for XWINDOWS, but we are having some problems
 compiling it for an IBM RS6000, running AIX 3.2.5. These problems probably
 arise from the fact that no one of us is familiar with compiling C-programs.
 Is there someone, more experienced than we are, who has compiled Rasmol
 for an IBM RS6000, that could provide us with a Makefile for this system.
                                                      Ilse Wolfs
                                                 Department of Chemistry
                                                 University of Antwerp (RUCA)
                                                 Groenenborgerlaan 171
                                                 2020 Antwerpen
                                                 e-mail:iwolfs -AatT-