Vectorized MCSCF

  Subject : Vectorized MCSCF, COLOMBUS
   Dear Netters,
   I would like to know which ab initio MCSCF programs are well vectorized
   to run on a CRAY. ?
    ( My experience is that GAMESS is middly vectorized so far,
      Gaussian92 CASSCF is not very sophisticated,
      I going to try SIRIUS soon also on a CRAY).
   I have heard that COLOMBUS is very well
   vectorized and available by anonymous ftp but where ?
   What I am looking for is :
   A very well vectorized direct MCSCF program, with very good
  convergence properties for the excited states ( if possible,
  with molecular gradients which should allow geometry optimization )
   Thanks in advance
   Francis F.MUGUET
   e-mail : muguet -8 at 8-