How do you change g92 hessian into one that gamess will read?

 	Dear Netters:
 	We are having trouble getting the hessian matrix into gamess
 	format from gaussian 92.
 	In the frequency calculation we are running in G92, we
 	specify the keyword PUNCH=GAMESS,DERIV.
 	According to the manual DERIV will give us the energy and
 	first and second derivatives.
 	The second derivative (the hessian) is what I am really
 	interested in.  The problem is we cannot understand the
 	output in the fort.7 file.
 	What we need to do is to take the hessian from this
 	gaussian 92 calculation and transform it into gamess format
 	and put it in a gamess input file to do another calculation.
 	If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, please
 	tell us.
 	Thank you.
 	Scott Boesch    sboesch { *at * }