H-bond strength

 Dear Netters,
 Does anyone know of a reference in which the strength of the internal
 H-bond in the g'Gt structure of ethylene glycol (HOCH2CH2OH), was
 calculated. I am trying to get some information on this subject through
 my ab initio calculations, but would like to compare my results with
 results obtained by others, using ab initio techniques, semi-empirical ,
 MM or whatever. Also, if somebody knows of any experimental facts, or
 references on experiments which give me the information required, please
 mail me the reference.
 I am not simulating any solvent, so my calculations refer to the gas-phase...
 Thanks in advance,
 Patrick Bultinck
 Lab. for General and Inorganic Chemistry
 University of Ghent
 E-mail : Patrick.Bultinck -8 at 8- rug.ac.be