Brownian Dynamics H2O

 I am interested in doing Brownian Dynamic Simulations with UHBD along
 the lines of the work done by McCammon using SOD and superoxide, except
 that the "substrate" is a water molecule. I would appreciate any info
 on the following:
 1) References to or the value of the hydrodynamic radius of water.
 2) Representation of water for brownian dynamic simulations. Further
 work by McCammon and coworkers on TIM with glyceraldehyde phosphate
 as a substrate demonstrated that you did not need a full "molecular"
 description of the substrate, but a simple sphere was inadequate. In their
 case I believe a two sphere model was successful.
 Please send messages to me. I will summarize to the NET.
 gus mercier,jr.
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 from my name!)