Molecular Modeling WWW site at NIH

 We are pleased to announce the availability of a molecular modeling oriented
 information resource (
 at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) WWW server (
 Novel information and services provided via this resource include:
 "Molecules R US" - an interactive interface to facilitate access
 (browsing, searching and viewing) of the molecular structure data
 contained within the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank (PDB). Features include
 the ability to retrieve the data as text, static images of user-specified
 views, and  "real-time" interactive images using a client-side
 "PDB At A Glance" - a hypertext catalogue of the PDB suitable for
 browsing purposes.  Structures can be displayed via the
 "Molecules R US" interface.
 "The NIH Guide to Molecular Modeling" - an illustrated hypertext-based
 primer on molecular modeling methods, software, and applications in the
 biological sciences.  This work currently covers the areas of molecular
 graphics, molecular structure building, crystallographic databases, and
 molecular energetics (including molecular mechanics, dynamics, and
 quantum chemistry).
 Development in these and other areas is ongoing. We are working on
 adding more hypertext links to other WWW servers concerned with
 molecular modeling software, methods, and biological applications,
 including those of educational interest as they become available.  We
 are also providing lists of molecular modeling software/suppliers, as
 well as a survey of the molecular modeling literature.
 Robert Pearlstein
 Peter FitzGerald