G92. Two forthcoming summaries

 Dear netters,
 I have recently posted two questions
 (in chronological order):
 1. About extraction of core energies
    and, possibly, of two-electron repulsion
    integrals from G92;
 2. About batch queue control
    when mixing G92 with some "my_code"
    both under VMS and under UNIX.
 First question attracted replies
 from only one person - Alberto Gobbi,
 and his advice about core energies
 worked perfectly. Many many thanks to him.
 I am checking his other advices.
 That'll be finished in a day or two.
 And the summary about question 1
 will be posted.
 Second question attracted a lot of replies,
 showing thus far that the question is of real
 interest. Thanks so much !
 The spectrum of advices is really
 very wide. It's a tough task to check them all,
 but I'll try -- give me a week please for that.
 Summary will be posted.
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