CCL:Graduate programs in pharmacognostics?

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 > > Subject: CCL:Graduate programs in pharmacognostics?
 > > Since many of you on this list are in the medicinal sciences, perhaps
 > > could help me.  One of my students is looking for a graduate program
 > > pharmacognostics (pharmacognosy).  Which schools have such a program?
 > I'd advise him to be very careful.  This is only one step away from
 > pharmatheism, and we all know where that leads.  :-)
 > More seriously, what the hell is (or are) pharmacognostics?  I ask
 > publically, rather than privately, because I suspect that other
 > inquiring minds might also want to know....
 > 	-P.
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 Pharmacognosy (in Pharmacy School we used to call it "weeds &
 is essentially natural product chemistry as it applies to medicinal
 substances.  It used to be all plant stuff, but has been broadened in
 some schools to include other natural substances, e.g., antibiotics
 & things from microorganisms.
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