inorganic chemistry

 Happy holiday, netters:
  Inorganic chemistry is a fascinating area, but those promising
  inorganic chemists --- (future Ph.Ds with major of Inorg. Chem.)
  are facing even more problems in this BAD job market, comparing to their
  organic or analytical fellows.
  I got this impression from C&E NEWS, various newspapers and the FACTs that
  are happening in many(?) universities:people(students) are moving out of
  inorganic chemistry area to Organic,Biochemistry,Analytical etc...OR they
  just don't consider INORGANIC when they first choose their research group.
  While organic MS and Ph.Ds have MULTIPLE choices during job searching,
  INORGANIC people are not so lucky --- they have little hope!
  In one word,job chances are the incentives. This really make inorganic
  students feel frustrated and it HURTS science.
  I want to hear  your opinion.
  Please direct e-mail to me.I will summarize on the net.