G92/DFT for ALPHA/OSF: some compilation problem

 Dear net-ters,
       I am trying to compile Gaussian G92/DFT v. G2 on ALPHA 300x machine.
 In the corresponding g92.make file there is the following option
 ESSLLIB= -ldxml
 which I suppose to correspond to a fortran library. The problem is that the
 compilation stops because we do not have this library. I loooked at the
 corresponding makefile for the IBM/RISC 6000 version and I found this:
 ESSLLIB= -lblas [other stuff]
 So I suppose that the dxml and blas library are the same. Am I right?
 But, now, where is it possible to find dxml (or blas) for ALPHA (OSF v. 1) ?
 P.S. I tried, of course, to contact both Gaussian and Digital, but I received
 no answer
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