ANNOUNCE HSC Chemistry V2 Now Available

 HSC Chemistry for Windows Version 2.0 Now Available
 Contact: George West - west &$at$& (800) 257-0073, (301)
 459-3773 - Browser available, open URL
 LANDOVER, MD -- ARSoftware HSC Chemistry for Windows Version 2.0, a
 chemical reaction and equilibrium software application is now available.
 Version 2.0 offers many new features that make HSC faster, more powerful, and
 a lot more versatile.  The new version is 2 to 4 times faster (depending on
 application), contains 1000 new organic compounds, an improved Gibbs
 program, and more.  A few of HSC Version 2.0's features:    (reviews to follow
 Over 2000 additional compounds (over 1000 are organic) -  User-defined
 database expanded to 3000 compounds - Equilibrium calculations performed as
 functions of pressure, temperature, and amount - Read and write Solgasmix files
 - Reactants and product amounts can be defined in moles, grams, and liters -
 Upgraded phase stability diagram - Quick and easy importing and exporting of
 ASCII files to and from the main and user-defined databases - User-defined
 database can be read to Microsoft Excel as a text file for editing and returned
 HSC has a wide range of application possibilities in industry, research, and
 education.  All calculations will automatically access an integrated
 thermochemical database that now includes more than 8000 compounds.
 System requirements:  MS Windows 3 or later.  Minimum hardware:  386SX-
 based PC, 2MB RAM, hard disk, EGA card and mouse.