Basis Sets for Trasition Metals (Mn)

 	Fellow theoreticians:
 	I am pursuing an ab initio study of Mn complexes, and I have learned
 the hard way that small basis sets (i.e., STO-3G*, and Hehre's 3-21G extension
 for transition metals) are woefully inadequate for such calculations due to
 convergence difficulties and downright inaccurate results (to put it bluntly).
 	I have found several references to more extensive basis sets from the
 literature; however, most of these are atomic sets without polarization
 functions included that have been optimized for molecular calculations.  Again,
 these are quite inaccurate without polarization functions.
 	If anyone has any leads to a collection of basis sets that are optimized
 for molecular calculations (online or otherwise), I would greatly appreciate
 your input.  Any suggestions for polarization functions to add to the better
 atomic basis sets are also welcome.  Thanks for your help!
 					Kevin Condroski
 					(PostDoc, UCLA)
 					kevin -x- at -x-