Scientific Visualization Workshops

  			Cornell Theory Center
   	           Scientific Visualization Workshops
 The Cornell Theory Center will hold two  unique workshops, back-to-back,
 October 4-5, and October 6-7, 1994:
 Workshop #1: Scientific Visualization using IBM Data Explorer
 October 4-5, 1994
 The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to design
 scientific visualization, animated or still, with emphasis on large
 3D scalar and vector fields using IBM's Visualization Data Explorer
 software (DX).  DX allows point-and-click program design and animation,
 providing an easily learned, flexible 3D graphics environment.
 DX is an X-client which runs on the IBM RISC System/6000, IBM POWER
 Visualization Server, IBM Scalable POWERparallel Systems, Silicon
 Graphics IRIS Indigo and IRIS Crimson, Hewlett-Packard 700 series,
 and SUN SPARCstations.
 Program design, exploration of data sets and still image production can all
 be done on the workstations. The workshop will focus on the new release
 of DX, version 2.1.
 This two day workshop will offer instruction and lab time on
 the Theory Center's IBM RISC System/6000 serial cluster.
 Topics covered by the workshop will include:
  Overview of Visualization
  Introduction to DX
  Creating a program
  Importing data
  Creating macros
  Building a Visual Program
  Advanced modules
 Workshop #2: Molecular Graphics and Animation Workshop
 October 6-7, 1994
 This event covers the basic principles of Molecular Graphics using the
 IBM Visualization Data Explorer (DX) software in combination with a
 publicly-available chemistry module suite (CM) written at the Theory Center.
 Although some previous DX experience is desirable, a SHORT introduction
 to DX will be included with the workshop.
 The workshop will cover the theory and use of the basic molecular graphics
 constructs such as space-filling and stick models, ribbon representations and
 molecular surfaces.  Visualization of Electrostatic fields, quantum mechanics
 and dynamics may also be covered. Little or no previous chemistry or computer
 graphics training is assumed.
 Good video animation practices will be discussed.  Participants will have
 access to RS6000 workstations running the latest version of DX (2.1) and
 have the opportunity to create an animated video or MPEG movie if time
 permits. The use of the commercial package RenderMan in conjunction with DX
 will also be discussed.  Additional advanced topics including virtual reality,
 module writing and parallelism may be included if there is sufficient interest.
 Participants are encouraged to bring their own data sets. Consulting
 staff will be available to assist researchers in their visualization projects.
 Participants must have prior experience with the UNIX operating system.
 The workshops will be held in the training facility on the fourth floor
 of the Engineering and Theory Center Building on Hoy Road on the
 Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York.
 Applicants are invited to attend either workshop or both.
 To Apply
 Due to restricted space, registration for this workshop is limited.
 FOR CORNELL THEORY CENTER RESOURCES.  The completed application form,
 along with payment, must be received by August 31, 1994. Applications
 will be accepted after this date if openings still remain. The workshop
 fee includes all workshop materials.  Local participants may charge the
 registration fee to the appropriate Cornell University account number.
 Applications which do not include payment cannot be accepted.
 Payment checks will be returned promptly to applicants not accepted due
 to over-enrollment.
 Applicants should receive notification by September 7, 1994.
 Payment scale, per workshop, payable to Cornell University:
 Academic participants: $60
 Corporate Research Institute members: $300
 Please check the following:
 ____    I will attend workshop #1 Scientific Visualization using
 	IBM Data Explorer October 4-5, 1994
 						payment _______________
 ____    I will attend workshop #2 Molecular Graphics and Animation
 	October 6-7, 1994
 						payment _______________
 						TOTAL   _______________
 						(must be received by
 						August 31, 1994!)
 Name __
 Institution __
 Address __
 Telephone __
 Fax __
 Preferred electronic mail address __
 Do you have a current Theory Center account: __no __yes
 	(if yes, who is the Principal Investigator?)
 (e.g., RS/6000 Cluster, etc.)
 Do you have a pending allocation request: __no __yes
 *Social Security Number: __
 (required to set up new supercomputer accounts)
 	*Submission of social security numbers is voluntary and will
 	not affect eligibility for access to the Center's facilities.
 	However, they are an integral part of the National Science
 	Foundation's information system and assist in managing the
 	Supercomputer Centers program.  SSN solicited under NSF Act
 	of 1950, as amended.
 List special needs: __
 (e.g., mobility impaired)
 Account number to charge: __
 (Cornell applicants only)
 Academic discipline __
 (e.g., mathematical sciences, biological sciences, geosciences,
 chemical engineering)
 Please describe your graphics needs, objective for this workshop, and
 specific research projects you will be using Data Explorer for, if any.
 Status (check all that apply):
 Academic __
 Undergraduate Student __
 Graduate Student __
 Post-doctoral __
 Faculty __
 Smart Node Consultant __
 Smart Node Advisor __
 Other (explain): __
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 Other (explain) __
 Name of Firm: __
 Please indicate which of the following best describes you (optional):
 African American __
 Caucasian __
 Asian American __
 Hispanic American __
 Native American or Alaskan Native __
 Other (please specify) __
 This application form and payment must be received by August 31, 1994.
 Send to:
 Jeanne Butler
 Cornell Theory Center
 427 Engineering and Theory Center Building
 Ithaca, NY  14853-3801
 (607) 254-8813
 jeanne -x- at -x-
 Blocks of rooms will be held at the hotel listed below until dates
 specified. Attendees are responsible for their own reservations and meals.
 Paid parking is available on campus, but walking or use of the shuttle or
 bus service, where available, is recommended.
 Sheraton Inn
 One Sheraton Drive, Ithaca
 FAX: 607/257-3998
 Rates start at $65 per night
 Release date:   September 12, 1994
 Other nearby hotels, blocks are NOT reserved at these:
 Statler Hotel
 Cornell University Campus
 Best Western University Inn
 East Hill Plaza, Rt. 393 and Judd Falls Road, Ithaca
 FAX: 607/272-1518
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