Here's another tribute to the late Linus Pauling, by another great, the
 science and science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, who died in 1992.
 In his eclectic biography *I. Asimov*, Asimov recounts (see also his more
 conventional biography, published about 1980) how transformed chemistry
 seemed to him when he again took up his Ph.D. research after a hiatus
 engendered by war work: "In September 1946, therefore, I presented myself
 at Columbia, ready to go back to work....However, ypu can't go home again.
 ...while I had been gone, there had been a revolution in chemistry with
 the application of quantum mechanics to it, something brought on largely by
 the work of the great Linus Pauling....I had not kept up with that change
 and was apalled to find that chemistry had turned into Greek for me."
 (Asimov did get his Ph.D.)
 E. Lewars