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 >From: Tom Connor Bishop <bishop %-% at %-%>
 >i'm trying to compile a list
 >of structures which are known
 >that contain both protein and DNA elements.
 >(i.e pro-DNA binding)
 I suggest you contact the Nucleic Acid Database at Rutgers University.
 The email address for the administrator is
 ndbadmin %-% at %-%  To get started send a message to
 ndblib %-% at %-% with the subject containing "send
 from newsletter".  The subject line must be exactly as written.
 The NDB is also accessible via WWW.  The URL to use in Mosaic is
 Gopher access is through, port 70.
 >a ref. to a review of
 >known protein-DNA x-ray crystal
 Try "Structural Studies of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interaction" by Thomas
 A. Steitz.  it is published by Cambridge University Press.
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