considering the bug in de FPU of the Pentium, I think we have arrived at a most
 strange relation between supplier and and user. So far all software has been
 delivered without a warranty for good functioning, but to my knowledge no
 supplier ever sold software containing a bug he knew of. Intel, being one of
 the main hardware suppliers on the market, for some reason, thinks they can
 get away with that and leaves the proof of a ill-functioning processor to the
 end-user. I suggest all PENTIUM-owners just send their processor back because
 it is going to be too silly for words that in research articles the author
 has to state the processors serial number, or state the result of the bug-test,
 in order to have his results be taken seriously by colleagues. To cut a long
 story short, Intel is morally obliged to replace ill-functioning processors,
 unless they want to make a joke of the "Intel Inside" slogan.
 This does not take away the responsibility of the scientist to carefully examine
 the results we get.