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 Previously, Palavo Subramanian wrote:
 >  What is a good way to 'quantify' polymer chain rigidity ?. I am looking
 > at comparing the rigidity of Polymer A as a function of temperature and
 > also as a function of composition(monomer ratio in the case of a
 > Is there a good way to calculate this? Is Persistence Length a good measure
 > of the rigidity?
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 A good way to quantify rigidity depends on what you will experimentally
 measure as 'rigid'.  The most compelling measures correlate with experiments.
 Interesting measures are:
      Radius of Gyration
      Variance of Radius of Gyration
      End-to-end distances
      Variance of end-to-end distances
      Characteristic ratio (Cinfinity)
      Kuhn segment (or Persistence Length)
 These are single chain estimates, returning to what does rigid mean,
 if you are interested in packing effects then volume calculations
 might be useful.
 Note that the relationship of Radius of Gyration to End-to_end
 distance will tell you "how" gaussian your chains are.
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