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 At 11:26 AM 12/2/94 +0000, Dirk Huckriede wrote:
 >Where can I obtain a copy of the Xmol program ?
 Instructions for downloading and installing XMol
 may be obtained at:
 An online, hypertext version of the User's Guide,
 tutorial, etc. can be found at:
 This site will soon be updated with a Frequently Asked
 Questions (FAQ) section. This will feature such favorites
   "Is there a version of XMol for [DEC Alpha, HP, and
    [preview: no, no, and           no...]
   While I'm here, some of you may recall that I once requested
 geographic locations of sites using XMol.  This was intended
 to help us prepare an animation of the worldwide downloads of
 XMol for part of an episode of the PBS show "Newton's Apple."
 The segment, which features XMol, looks at how scientists use
 the internet.  Here in the Twin Cities, this episode will
 be shown on 12 Dec. at 19:00 CST.  I've been informed by my
 mother that it has already been aired on the New York City
 affiliate (a science teacher at the high school at which she
 teaches asked her what her son's first name is...).
   So if you live in the US (or North America or wherever else
 Newton's Apple is seen), and you want your kids to get a taste
 of your life on the Internet, I suggest calling your local
 PBS affiliate and inquiring when the "Internet Newton's Apple"
 segment is showing.  They should know what you mean.
 (now, if this post communicating to you about a TV show about
 scientists communicating isn't an example of Life imitating
 Art imitating Life...)
   Finally, someone on this list asked what might be the effect on
 XMol of the acquistion of the Minnesota Supercompter Center, Inc.
 by Cray Research, Inc.  Any effects on future versions and/or
 distribution of XMol by this event have not been determined.
 When this becomes clear, we'll make an announcement in this
   Thanks for putting up with the long post and I now return
 you to your regularly scheduled Perfervid Pentium Pandemonium
 (or should that be just Pentiumonium?).
 ...hmm..this post was so chock full of information, I wonder if
 it qualifies me for a special e-mail request dispensation...nah...
 ...thanks and keep up the good work Jan...thanks for the Pentium
 humo(u)r Tom...why did Scientific American call you, Henry?...
 David C. Doherty
 Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.
 doherty "at@at"