Re: CCL:EPR simulation software

 I have written some codes for slow-motional lineshape calculations which
 appeared in volume 8 of "Biological Magnetic Resonance".  The first
 in this volume describes the requisite aspects of the stochastic Liouville
 and contains a complete user's guide.
 Since 1989, these codes have been greatly extended by members of the Freed
 group, especially Dave Budil [now at Northeastern University].  Dave's
 email address is "dbudil -x- at -x-".  I suggest you contact
 him directly for
 more information.  The appropriate contact in Freed's group is Dick
 Crepeau, "crepeau -x- at -x-
 At 1:39 PM 12/3/94, Sandra wrote:
 >Hallo, I'm a post-doc at the Chemistry Department of the University of
 >Florence. I'm insterested in having a survey on the available EPR software,
 >especially those programs dealing with ionic or nitroxide probes in
 >microscopically ordered and dispersed system. Thanks to all that will
 >give me some informations.
 >dr. Sandra Ristori
 >Laboratorio di Chimica Fisica dei Colloidi e delle Interfasi
 >Dipartimento di Chimica - Universita' degli Studi di Firenze
 >via Gino Capponi 9
 >50121 Firenze ITALY
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