Undergraduate CC course

 Greetings to the CCL Subscribers:
 My colleagues and I have received some funding to initiate an
 undergraduate course in computational chemistry.  Does anyone
 out there have any experience in such a course for junior and
 senior chemistry majors?  We would be happy to receive such
 things as syllabi, examinations, projects, and especially
 "pointers" concerning such a course.  In addition, we would
 like to hear of any "follow-up" which may have been carried
 out to attempt to quantify the usefulness of such a course
 to the students after graduation (either in graduate or
 professional school, or in their employment).
 I shall be happy to post a summary of interesting replies, if
 any are received!
 Thanks very much.
 My e-mail address (I am on currently on sabbatical until 1 July
 1995) is as follows:
 After 1 July 1995, my e-mail address will be:
 Sincerely yours,
 Robert W. ("Ziggy") Zoellner