Re: PD molecular display program

 >> From: gilson (Dr. Michael K. Gilson)
 >> Subject: CCL:molecular display program
 >> Hi,
 >> Is there a public-domain molecular display program which can
 >> be made to repetitively read and re-read a pdb file?
 >> The idea is to have an MD program dump conformations
 >> into the file every n steps, and have the display
 >> pick these up and display them for a near-real-time
 >> display of the trajectory.
 >> Thanks,
 >> Mike Gilson
 Not public domain, but IRIS Explorer is currently bundled with all SGI
 workstations.  It's a visualisation toolkit which you can use to construct
 applications for the display of all types of scientific data (including PDB
 files).  The later releases (2.x) also contain nice support for the
 construction and storing of animations.
 Hope this helps.  Please let me know if you need any more here.
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