Source materials for Neural Networks

 Dear Colleagues,
 Soon I will be teaching a course on Applications of Chemometrics and
 Neural Networks in Chemistry at the graduate and upper-level undergraduate
 level.  I would appreciate receiving your input on good source materials
 for teaching it, such as (i) books, (ii) review article, (iii) software
 (free or commercial), and (iv) lecture material.  I am particularly
 interested in audio/visual materials for presenting lectures on neural
 nets and chemometrics.  I would like to hear of any source (e.g., company,
 organization, WWW source) that might provide/sell audio/visual presentation
 materials for lectures on any aspect of these topics.
 Thanks, and best wishes to all during the holday season.
 Bill Welsh
 Dept. of Chemistry
 Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis