Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society MGMS

 The Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS) - previously called the
 MGS - exists to promote the interchange of knowledge in the various
 sciences related to molecular modelling and graphics.The society was
 founded 13 years ago and now has active "chapters" in the UK, US and
 Germany. Regular meetings are held on topics related to the interests of
 members and an annual international meeting is also held - this year in
 Australia. Members of the society get a free personal subscription to the
 Journal of Molecular Graphics and will also soon be able to get a heavily
 discounted subscription to CDANews. Members also get reduced rate
 registration fees at society meetings.
 Membership rates are 30 pounds sterling (15 student) or $55 ($30 student).
 If you would like to join the society or receive further information on
 forthcoming meetings/events then please contact Caroline Myers
 (myers &$at$& at the University of York who administers the
 worldwide membership scheme.
 The following is a brief list of forthcoming meetings:
 10th-12th April '95, Leeds, UK, "Computational Aspects of Chemical
 Libraries" (everything computational to do with combinatiorial libraries)
 (contact johnson &$at$&
 27thAug-1stSept '95, Cairns, Australia. 14th Annual Internation Conference
 of MGMS. (contact p.andrews &$at$&
 14th-15th Sept '95, University College Dublin, Eire, Joint meeting with
 Biochem Soc. "Modelling Protein Structure and Function" (contact
 ggrant &$at$&
 12th-15th December '95, Braseneose College Oxford, "Quantum Mechanics"
 (contact blaneyfe &$at$&
 Contact names for different chapters:
 USA - Dr Nicole Van Opdenbosch - nicole &$at$&
 UK - Dr Mike Hann - mmh1203 &$at$&
    - Dr Rod Hubbard - rod &$at$&  (membership secretary)
 Germany - Dr Tim Clark - clark &$at$&
 If you have suggestions for meetings that you think could usefully
 be organised under the banner of the MGMS then please contact one
 of the above.
 Mike Hann
 Chairman of MGMS
 c/o Computational Chemistry Group
 Glaxo Research and Development
 Greenford Rd
 UB6 0HE
 mmh1203 &$at$&
 tel: 81-966-2413
 fax: 81-966-2156