Re: CCL:Chemistry Departmental Home Pages

 Previously, Brad Isbister wrote:
 > I have found several haphazard collections of Chemistry Department Home
 > on the net, but each is only a partial list.  I'd like to create an index
 > all available chemistry department WWW Home pages.  Since I'm not so hot at
 > writing a forms interface in HTML, I'll be collecting entries via e-mail.
 > I will have an alphabetical list of chemistry departments at my home page.
 > you have some links I haven't got, please mail them to me.
 > DukeChem Home Page
 Dear Brad,
 I too keep a list of chemistry Home Pages, but for my organization's
 internal use. It has been self-inflicted form of competition with
 the UCLA chemistry page. And usually Max Kopelevich at  UCLA
 wins by finding them first. (My occasional finds I email him for updates)
 Hence I agree with Henry Rzepa,
 is the best starting point I routinely use.
 Stylistically, it may be possible to have a set of home pages
 catagorized differently, perhaps by topic or research area.
 Sincerely, Thomas Pierce - THPierce "-at-" RohmHaas.Com  -  Computational
 "These opinions are those of the writer and not the Rohm and Haas