Summary: 'ghost' writers available

  Hi Netters,
     Just over a week ago I asked CCL about getting in contact with
  a 'ghost' writer. Below are the replies of people interested in
  doing this.
     My thanks to all who replied and CCL,
 From: sparkin (- at -) com.imag-alchemy (Steven H. Parkin)
 Professor Waite:
 Both my wife, an extremely proficient editor, and I, a sometime
 computational physical chemist, are interested in your proposal to be
 "ghost" writers. Your terms seem satisfactory, and we think we fill
 fluency/access requirements.
 FYI, my wife is Linda Parkin. Our phone/fax is (619) 329-2774; our address
 is 67-642 Club House Road, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241, USA; and our e-mail
 address is found in my signature.
 We look forward to working with you in the future.
 Steven H. Parkin
 Imaginative Alchemy
 sparkin (- at -)
 From: sparkin (- at -) com.imag-alchemy (Steven H. Parkin)
 Professor Waite:
 In our haste to respond to your post regarding a 'ghost writer,' we failed
 to include a list of qualifications.
 My wife, Linda Parkin, has a BS in English, Drama, and Journalism from BYU.
 She has taught English writing in the 8-10 grades and Journalism in the 9-12
 grades. She also worked in and managed the publications department of Hughes
 Semiconductors (Newport Beach, CA) for 7 years, editing the works of the
 engineers and scientists for publication and in the preparation of grant
 proposals. She currently operates an editing and desktop publishing service
 for several companies in So. California.
 I have an BS in Chemistry from Stanford, an MS in Chemistry from Univ. of
 So. California, and I am still trying to finish a Ph.D. in Theoretical
 Chemical Physics from Univ. of Calif., Irvine. I have over 30 years
 experience in various fields of chemistry, including 7 years as the
 owner/operator of an analytical biochemistry laboratory that was sold to
 Smith, Kline & French, and 5 years as a principal in a pharmaceutical
 manufacturing company in Los Angeles and Beirut (prior to the war!!). Over
 the last 4 years, I have been working on the development of an instrument,
 really a prototype, to test one of my theories of a new paradigm to
 non-destructively analyze metals in aircraft for corrosion and fatigue. This
 is why we coined the name - Imaginative Alchemy. Also, as I recall, I have
 been the author or co-author of 4 or 5 publications, abstracts and posters,
 dealing primarily in the use of HPLC and GC in the analysis of hormones and
 toxic substances.
 I hope this additional information is of value to you, and that Linda and I
 can assist you as 'ghost writers' in the future.
 Thank you for your consideration.
 Steven H. Parkin
 Imaginative Alchemy
 sparkin (- at -)
 From: stan (- at -) pl.gda.univ.chem.sun1 (Stanislaw Oldziej)
 Dear Mr Waite,
  i'm finishing my PhD Thesis and i'm looking for new good scientific theme.
 It's an intresting offer for me.
 Best regards,
 Stanislaw Oldziej
 Faculty of Chemistry
 University of Gdansk
 Sobieskiego 18, 80-952 Gdansk
 fax: (048-58)-41-03-57
 e-mail: stan (- at -) or stan (- at -)
 From: champagn (- at -) (Benoit Champagne)
 Hello Dr. Waite,
 	My name is Benoit CHAMPAGNE and I am interested by your
 proposition.  I got my PhD in the University of Namur under
 the supervision of Professor J.M. Andre in 1992. Then I
 spent 7 months at the Quantum Theory Project of the
 University of Florida with Dr. Y. Ohrn as supervisor. Now,
 I am a Senior Research Assistant of the Belgium National
 Fund for Scientific Research.
 	I am working on the development, characterization and
  use of techniques to compute the polarizabilities and
 hyperpolarizabilities of oligomers and polymers. Recent
 developments are the application of RPA to polymers to get
  the coupled Hartree-Fock asymptotic longitudinal
  polarizabilities per unit cell (static and dynamic); the
  use of the double harmonic approximation to evaluate the
 vibrational contribution to the polarizability of finite
  polyacetylene chains and the investigation of such
  correlation effects.
 	If you want, I can give you a list of some reference
 	We have a phone, a fax,...
 	Some comments would come  in the future if
  considering computational chemistry and/or NLO properties.
 	Sincerely yours,