CCL:Spelling of v(V?)an der Waals('?)

 Van der Waals.
 In Belgium (northern Dutch speaking part) we do use capitals for the
 first letter ! (contrary to an earlier post by somebody from South
 Looking at the phonebook of my lab here I see e.g. :
 Van Driessche
 Van Eename
 Van der Kelen
 Van de Vondel
 Van Thuyne etc. etc.
 I always use the term Van der Waals radii written with capital V !
 I happen to be reading in a book by I and M Hatgittai on symmetry, and I
 see e.g. on page 114 the term van der Waals radii, and on p.115 Van
 der Waals radii... I believe that it should be Van der Waals radii, I see
 no reason to start changing peoples names when used as an adjective, so
 Van der Waals radii.