Solvation RefLib

 My library with solvation references is available as a Macintosh file in
 stuffed Endnote format (.sit) and as an ASCII file in Refer format (.txt).
 Their URLS are:
 Originally, I used the library to keep all references of my 1993 solvation
 paper, and it contains references to papers that have little or nothing to
 do with solvation (that I probably won't remove from subsequent versions of
 the library either). Konrad Koehler and others have provided me with
 references that I also incorporated and my stack of unread papers provided
 me with some more references, resulting in a total of 112 references. If
 you notice glaring omissions just send me the references and I will
 incorporate them. I will publicly release new versions of the library, but
 I do not know how often.
 Enjoy! Pieter.
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