Free Academic license for ISIS/Draw (Mac) is now available on the Web

 SUBJECT:  ISIS/Draw 1.2.1 for Macintosh is now available for downloading,
           for academic use and personal use at home.
 SENT:     06-JULY-1995
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 and the sci.chem Newsgroup.  Please excuse any duplicate copies you receive
 as a result.]
 On March 31, 1995, we announced the availability of a free license for
 ISIS/Draw 1.2w for Windows for academic use and personal use at home.  This
 version of ISIS/Draw was offered in particular as a helper application
 for WWW browsers, and in support of the efforts toward a chemical MIME
 type.  From the beginning, there have been inquiries about the Macintosh
 version.  ISIS/Draw 1.2.1 for Macintosh is now available.  This version
 (virtually identical to the version recently shipped to supported
 customers) can be used with Mosaic, Netscape, and other browsers to view
 *.mol, *.rxn, *.tgf and *.skc files.
 To obtain a copy for yourself, go to MDL's WWW homepage (,
 and click on the GIF image announcing the availability of the Mac version.
 Follow the directions on the offer page, and you will end up with a
 (4.0) copy of the self-extracting archive.  Reconvert the file to the
 self-extracting archive and double-click on the resulting file to install
 ISIS/Draw 1.2.1 for Macintosh.
 Please note that we now have an ISIS/Draw tutorial available as an Adobe
 Acrobat file.  This file can be used from Adobe's Acrobat (you can get a copy
 of Acrobat through our download page) on either Macintosh or Windows.
 -David Hughes
 David Hughes
 Product Manager, Core Products
 ISIS Business Unit
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