CCL: Molecular vis. for publication?

 I have, over the past three years, been looking for a software package which
 can, starting with a 3-d set of coordinates, produce publication quality
 molecular diagrams including annotations such as bond lengths and angles.
 So far my search has been fruitless.
 Sure, there are ways to do this task, but all seem to involve quite a lot
 of chopping and changing from one software tool to another, with all the
 associated glitches and problems.
 Molecular Arts Corporation advertised on this list (I think), and other
 internet places, a package called Molecules-3D, which sounded promising.
 I wrote to them and received some information about the package, but
 still couldn't tell whether or not it would do the job. I described
 precisely what I wanted to do, but all they could come up with was the
 standard sales blurb. Anyhow I went ahead and purchased it. I was stunned
 to find in the box an advertisement for something called Chem-Exhibit,
 which, on paper at least, seems to provide all the functionality I want.
 The strange thing is that they didn't send this brochure when I initially
 made enquiries. Also, I have had no response to my e-mail requests for
 more information regarding Chem-Exhibit. Not a great confidence-builder
 for the promised technical help!
 Anyhow, I have two queries:
 1. Does anybody have experience with Chem-Exhibit? Or any other package
    that they particularly recommend to perform the tasks I mentioned? I
    should mention that I use both unix and DOS/Windows platforms, and
    work with systems of up to two or three hundred atoms.
 2. I have used rayshade to produce a few diagrams, and have recently
    gotten hold of POV-Ray. Are there any tools available that
    can assist me in preparing POV-Ray input files from my 3-D geometries?
    If not it should be simple enough to create some, but I thought I'd
    ask around first.
 With so many research groups working on molecular structure, there _must_
 be a simple way to create publication quality diagrams without spending
 thousands on Data Explorer or AVS!
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