Machine specs for QC

 Dear CCL-readers,
 We have a small budget for a new workstation that will
 be used for QC calculations, and will have a 1 person
 Our budget is about 30,000 $, and I need some advice.
 What do you consider most important specs for QC,
 SpecInt values
 XMark 93
 Some Mflops
 CPU speed (in MHz)
 I have nice offerings (thusfar) by two three-letter
 hardware producers.
 The one machine has all values larger than the first
 one, but the first one claims from experience that
 allthough the values are smaller, their machines are
 equally fast. In short we are already interested in
 an IBM RS6k/3AT and a DECAlpha 250 4/266... (still
 waiting for other offers) We already have IBM locally.
 Any ideas ? (allthough I check CCL every day, please
 only replies to my e-address, since I would not want to
 start a commericial better/worse game on CCL, if
 interested summaries will be sent to people who asked
 for one)