Finding conformations analytically

 Dear CCL'ers,
 Although some sort of systematic or random search for a complete
 set of all conformations corresponding to local minima is usually
 applied, an analytical solution (i.e., by algebraic means, without
 numerical optimization) of this problem (at least for some general-
 purpose force fields) seems to exist [see, for example,
 A.D. Kuntsevich, P.E. Kuznetsov, Iu.N. Liulin, A.A. Scherbakov,
 "Analytical solution for the problem of stable conformations",
 Dokl. Akad. Nauk. SSSR, 1990, v.309, N 5, pp. 1131-1136 (in Russian)].
 Has anybody used analytical methods for exhaustively searching
 conformational space in practice? Are there other theoretical works
 in this direction?
 Igor Baskin
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