CCL:Java chemistry applets?

 On Sep 6, 10:06, Hinsen Konrad wrote:
 > Subject: CCL:Java chemistry applets?
 >    Sun has been promoting a new programming language, java, as a tool
 >    for creating portable applications on internet.  Instead of constantly
 >    going back to the host for additional information (a response to a mouse
 >    click, for example), the applet executes on the local client.
 > And others have had similar ideas, as always... There is a beta test
 > version of a new Web browser called Grail, which uses Python as its
 > programming language for such applets. Look at
 > for details.
 >-- End of excerpt from Hinsen Konrad
 Not enough. There is also CandleWeb (using a
 language pronounced 'awe' and written Å (A with circle on top,
 in case your mail reader cannot display ISO-characters)
 and a recently announced new tcl/tk-based WWW browser
 (not tkWWW, but I lost the reference) which uses
 "secure tcl", a controlled execution environment for tcl and tk
 to execute applet code,
 and I use (not yet secure) tcl/tk for my apps ...
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