September issue of Network Science

 The September issue of NetSci is on-line at:
 This issue looks at 3D databases from the perspective of both end users and
 vendors.  Feature articles include contributions from Osman Gunar and Doug
 Henry (MDL), Dave Weininger (Daylight), Beth Lunney (Parke Davis), Paul
 Charifson, Andrew Leach and Andrew Rusinko (Glaxo Wellcome), Keith Davies
 and Roger Upton (Chemical Design Ltd), John Van Drie (Upjohn) and Dwight
 Lillie (independent consultant).  NetSci has agreed to be a mirror site for
 downloading ISIS/Draw for personal use (see Software section).
 NetSci is actively soliciting contributions for the following sections:
 software, industry news, people on the move, meetings and new product
 announcements as well as articles for future issues.
 For anyone unable to access the WWW, an e-mail version (text only) is
 available.  Send requests to netsci -x- at -x-