Property Prediction Betas

                       Subject:                              Time:  2:45 PM
   OFFICE MEMO         Property Prediction Betas             Date:  11/9/95
 SoftShell will be publishing programs to predict various properties from
 the chemical structure.  We are looking for several beta testers for each
 property.  If you are interested in beta testing software to predict one of
 these properties, please send e-mail to craigs %-% at %-% (not to
 list) telling me how you currently use the property in your research or
 why it might be useful to you.  Right now you must have Windows (3.1, 95
 or NT is fine), and ChemWindow (preferred) or ChemWeb (free at
 or another program that can copy an MDL molfile
 to the clipboard (e.g., ChemDraw,ISIS/Draw).  Beta testers will receive a
 complimentary copy of the finished property prediction program.
 Property prediction programs being developed:
 Molar Refractivity
 Henry's Constant
 Boiling Point
 Freezing Point
 Critical Temperature, Pressure, & Volume
 Heat of Formation
 Gibbs Free Energy
 Ideal Gas Thermal Heat Capacity
 Thanks.  Craig Shelley (craigs %-% at %-%