Summary: force f. and sugar puckering

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 >Subject: force field and sugar puckering
 >Dear netters,
 >can someone give hints, what force field or semiempirical method are
 >best for predicting sugar puckering of ribose (deoxyribose) in
 > Thanks,
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 	<strajbl> Subject: Re: CCL:force field and sugar puckering
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 	Status: RO
 	MM3(92) will do. See the Dowd, French paper in Carbohydr. Res.
 	264 (1994) 1.  I think MM2 will be ok too.
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 	CHEMISTRY "-at-", strajbl Subject: Re:  CCL:force field and
 	sugar puckering Status: RO
 	You can try STR3DI.EXE which has a new force field specifically
 	designed to incorporate lone pairs into molecular mechanics.
 	Look at the web page for Exorga Inc., who are the distributors
 	of the program.
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 	scott "-at-" (Scott Struthers) Subject: Re: CCL:force
 	field and sugar puckering Status: RO
 	Contact Carl Ewig (carl "-at-" or Arnie
 	Hagler(arnie "-at-"  They recently finished a whole bunch
 	of work on exactly this subject, both quantum and force field
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 	I would suggest Charmm - I would avoid AM1 or PM3.  I would be
 	very interested in any other replies - please sould you summery
 	to the list.
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 	From al "-at-"  Fri Nov 10 23:20:23 1995
 	Alfred French uses MM3 almost exclusively for his carbohydrate
 	work.  He is perhaps the expert in the field;  he has edited an
 	ACS symposium volume.
 					Alfred Lowrey