I leave BIOSYM

 Dear Customers and Colleagues,
 as  some of  you might  already know I will leave  BIOSYM Technologies GmbH on
 December 31st '95.
 I'd like to express that it was great fun to interact with all of you.
 I will miss the valuable scientific cooperation we had during the last months.
 Also, I enjoyed  the  time we spent together at the most exciting locations of
 the world.
 On January 1 st I will take up a post in  Siemens Nixdorf  which will  involve
 responsibilities in marketing and sales.
 I'll  work in  the  IT-area with a  strong  focus on  partnering projects with
 academic institutions and supercomputing centers in South-Germany.
 I leave  "the science-playground"  with a "laughing and a crying
 eye" (this is
 a german saying but I guess there are translations to any language).
 It'll be an exceptional  opportunity for me on one hand. On the other hand I'm
 pretty  sure  that I'll suffer from the  necessity of  wearing  suits and ties
 rather than jeans and BIOSYM T-shirts.
 I am already in hard  negotiations with Simon Tomlinson to get one of his used
 ties  (The red one with the nice  stripes,  pure  silk as he says)  but  since
 he has much more  experience  in sales than I have I'm sure that I will make a
 bad deal.
 Since  Siemens Nixdorf  has  offices  all over the  world  I am convinced that
 sooner  or later I will meet some of you  sometimes  somewhere  on  the  globe
 Looking forward to seeing you
 PS:	A f t e r  the  31 st  of  December  please  send  support requests to
 	rcenter -x- at -x- biosym.com , they  will  then be  assigned  to an
 	person in Europe or the US.
 PPS:	I  will  have an e-mail  account in  Siemens Nixdorf,  the  address is
 	yet  not  known.   Please  keep  on  sending  any  e-mail  for  me  to
 	jfk%biosym -x- at -x- germany.eu.net ;  it  will  be forwarded and also a
 	with my new address in SNI will automaticly be returned.
   Dr. Joachim F. Komorowski
   BIOSYM Technologies GmbH               Tel.:  ++ 49 89  42 93 22
   Schatzbogen 54                         FAX :            42 81 50
   D-81829 Muenchen, Germany      E-Mail: jfk%biosym -x- at -x- germany.eu.net