Workshop announcement

           Workshop in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
           by Dr. Ken Dyall (NASA Ames Research Center)
                    January 15 - 19, 1996
                            at the
          Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
             Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
                         Richland, WA
          Sponsered by :
          Theory, Modeling, and Simulation
          Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
          Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
   The workshop/short course will consist of a total of 16 lectures over a
 period of 5 days.  An equal number of tutorials for discussion and problem
 solving are also scheduled during this time.  The goals of the course are to
 provide the theoretical ground work necessary for research involving
 quantum mechanics. The course was originally taught last spring in Denmark at
 the graduate level ("Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Chemistry").
     Topics to be covered include:
         "Classical" relativity, E&M, and quantization
         Relativistic quantum mechanics with the Dirac equation
         Four-component wave functions
         Quantum Electrodynamics
         Symmetry and double groups
         Dirac Hartree Fock and electron correlation
         Two-component wave functions
         Douglas-Kroll transformation
         Spin and spin-orbit coupling
         Perturbation theory
         Effective core potentials (ECPs)
 Further information, including registration materials, can be accessed via
 the Web at
 Specific questions can be directed to Kirk Peterson at ka_peterson - at -
 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a multiprogram national laboratory
 operated by Battelle Memorial Institute, under Contract No. DE-AC06-76RLO 1830.