G94: Out of memory in l303

 Dear Netters,
 I am quite new in using G94. So maybe it is a FAQ ... .
 I have a system with 138 basis functions. (H2O...ZN2+)
 and I use 6-311(2df,2pd) basis set. Until I request
 at least 10MW memory (%Mem=6 000 000), I get a
 (Enter /scratch/gaussian_OSF1/g94/l303.exe)
  DipDrv:  MaxL=1.
  Out of memory in DipPsm.
  Error termination via Lnk1e in /scratch/gaussian_OSF1/g94/l303.exe.
 In G94 User Reference I found that l303 calculates multipole integrals.
 My question are:
 1) What are these "multipole integrals"Remote server has closed
 2) Is there any way to force Gaussian to use smaller amount of memory ?
 ( I tried SCF=DIRECT or SCF=CONVENTIONAL or INT=NoRaffinetti and other options )
 Thak for nay help. I will summarize if there will be any interest .
 Grzegorz Bakalarski
 Warsaw University
 grzesb $#at#$ icm.edu.pl