Re: CCL:problem running Hyperchem 4.5

 > From: dsmith - at - (Doug Smith)
 > Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 23:10:07 +0000
 > I have version 4.5 running on my Pentium, along with ChemPlus 1.5.  I have
 > just changed from Windows 3.1 to Windows NT Workstation 3.51. Now Hyperchem
 > does not find the hardware lock, and looks on the network for a network
 > license (which doesn't exist). How can I quickly fix this problem?
 For HyperChem to communicate with the hardware lock under Windows NT, it
 is necessary to install an NT port driver.  That driver is available via
 our WWW page ( ) under Support / FAQs, or from our
 ftp site ( in the support directory.  The file is rainport.exe,
 and it is a self-extracting archive file that should be executed with the
 '-d' option to restore the directory structure of the archive:
 rainport -d
 It contains README files that describe the installation procedure.  The
 driver is, of course, also available by writing to support - at - .
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