Summary: WYSIWYG LaTeX for Mac?

Dear CCL readers,
 Here is a summary of my recent posting regarding LaTeX for Mac.
 Thanks for those responding
 Original posting:
 > 	Does anybody know any WYSIWYG text editor for the Mac that
 > produces LaTeX code (something like wordperfect for the mac, that
 > allows viewing the codes in a separate window while you are writing)?
 > 	Expressionist generates LaTeX code, but it is not practical as
 > a text editor.
 I am not sure how WYSIWYG it is for LaTeX since I use it as an HTML
 tag editor, but Alpha has been very useful to me.  It is available by
 anonymous ftp from or from Kagi software.
 From: Abby Parrill <abby -AatT->
 You might try "Alpha" editor. It functions like "emacs".
 Try <http://http-:-//>;
 From: David Weng <david -AatT->
 I don't think such a thing exists.  The closest thing that I know of is
 TeXtures, by Blue Sky Research <>;.  It recompiles
 the TeX document as you type, which is in many ways faster and more
 convenient than the usual edit-save-compile-view cycle that TeX requires.
 Still, you have to enter the TeX codes yourself; I guess it's the equivalent
 of typing into the WordPerfect codes window and having the formatted document
 updated as you type (but not as fast).
 The LaTeX codes for entering equations are pretty easy to learn and
 provide a much faster way of entering equations than Expressionist
 (which I also used for many years.)  That, and the fact that TeX
 automatically numbers and cross-references your equations, tables,
 footnotes, and sections for you, are the main things that make it
 worthwhile in my opinion.  Otherwise, it's a pretty poor replacement
 for a word processor; it's very painful to try to create a document
 that doesn't closely follow one of the basic styles that are defined
 for you.
 From: W. Thomas Pollard <pollard -AatT->
 There is a commercial product called Textures, but I think it is
 WYSIWYG TeX instead of LaTeX, but I'm not shure. I myself worked with TeX.
 From: Blue Sky Research <aether -AatT->
 I used to use a package called Textures on the Mac that provided a nice
 LaTeX implementation.  It was a commercial package.  I don't recall the
 distributor, but perhaps you can find it on the Web.
 From: John Woods <jwoods -AatT-> or <jwoods -AatT->